Zachary Folk

I have (sort of) maintained this site in one way or another since the early days of the internet. It has taken many forms and also been my sandbox for experimenting and learning web development, which ended up being my day job. Now I am again dusting things off as I start shooting again and building up the archives once again.

It is a chronological disaster but I am trying to organize some photos using a tagging system. My love for photography I think began when I was using a Kodak Disc to shoot still life of D&D miniatures and smoke bombs in my sandbox. I have a deep awe and respect for nature and love critters, occasionally do commissioned portraits of pets and little humans. I enjoy the aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi and finding the beauty in imperfection, have a need to capture the transient nature of all things, and my photos span decades of travel taken with a myriad of cameras.

I still love to shoot film and many of my pictures are scans of 35mm and 120mm negatives.  I am kind of a camera geek and use a lot of different ones.. typically I shoot Nikon digital these days but also quirky cameras like the Holga, Horizon, an old Rolleiflex and the Mamiya 645. My latest obsession is night photography and I continue to chase my desire to capture some of the awesome above.